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If you are interested in learning more about locks and their maintenance and how you can handle various key problems, check out the answers given here to some of the most frequently asked questions. They will help you understand security matters better!

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Is the door knob changed easily?

Yes, door knobs are easily replaced. You just have to remove the screws at both sides of the door, extract the rod connecting the door knobs and then reassemble and install the new ones. Our specialists say that if the door knobs are ruined so could be the actual door lock. Sometimes, it's best to have the whole lock replaced.

Is it wise to get electric locks at home?

Electric security door locks are made for everyone. They are just used mostly in offices and commercial enterprises, since these places must have the highest possible security. If you have doubts about whether they will be convenient for your family, consider that most of them do not only work with codes but additionally with fobs and real keys.

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